Safety and Security when you need it most

Airbag Protection

Airbags+ for protection from all sides

Wrangler Unlimited comes with a wide range of Best-in-Class Safety and Security+ features including standard advanced multistage front airbags that help provide occupant protection by matching airbag output to impact severity, available side-supplemental airbags with sensor detection and body-on-frame construction.

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Best-in-Class maneuverability+ with an extra helping hand

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)+ senses when you begin to over- or under-steer and applies individual brakes and controls your throttle as needed to help put you back on track. Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)+ determines when a rollover may occur and applies braking force to help reduce the likelihood of such an accident. Additionally, Wrangler Unlimited offers All-Speed Traction Control with special calibrations for driving in 4LO, a Brake Assist System and a Four-Wheel Disc Antilock Brake System (ABS) for improving vehicle control and decreasing stopping distances on both dry and slippery surfaces.

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Truck Sentry

Sentry Key® antitheft and remote keyless entry

The Remote Keyless Entry system lets you lock or unlock doors or the liftgate flip-up window from up to 50 feet away. A Sentry Key® antitheft engine immobilizer also makes it virtually impossible for anyone without a valid key to drive your vehicle.

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Strength and power are in its DNA

High-strength steel is integrated into the B-pillar in the vehicle floor to improve side-impact performance and vehicle stiffness. Wide-spaced frame rails also cradle the mid-mounted fuel tank between the wheels for added protection, while the fuel tank features a 2.5-mm skid plate designed for safer and more secure off-roading+.

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Blind Spot Monitoring

Trailer sway control

Neither crosswind nor traffic will hold sway over you and your payload. As part of Electronic Stabilty Control (ESC)+, Trailer Sway Control+ (TSC) helps keep you (and whatever you’re towing) safely and securely on course and under control.