Operation Gratitude: Support Our Troops Overseas.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of American troops are stationed in remote areas throughout the world, including the Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa, the Korean Peninsula and on ships throughout international waters. Not only must these young men and women endure challenging physical conditions, they are often separated from loved ones for long or even indefinite periods of time.

You can do your part to help boost the morale of our troops overseas by contributing to Operation Gratitude--a non-profit volunteer organization that sends care packages to military personnel throughout the world. Camp Jeep is now one of the official drop-off points for the program, making donation especially easy for those attending this year's event. Packages typically contain an assortment of useful items like food, phone cards, disposable cameras, hats, gloves, CDs, DVDs and hand-held video games, plus personal letters of appreciation, love and support. So far, tens of thousands of care packages have been sent. Interested in learning more? Visit the official Operation Gratitude site. http://www.opgratitude.com.

Jeep and Operation Gratitude Dive into Partnership at 1,200 feet
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