William Fox-Pitt

Jeep® Brand Ambassador

William Fox-Pitt combines grace with capability to be one of the world's greatest equestrians. Like the Jeep® Grand Cherokee, he makes tackling the most rugged terrain seem effortless. We are proud to have him as a brand ambassador.

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Jeep® Grand Cherokee

Innovation Brought Us Here

We've taken our best and made it better. More luxury details, more performance and with up to 3500 kg pounds of towing capability+, the Jeep® Grand Cherokee is the finest representation ever of what the Jeep brand stands for.

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Eventing - the Equestrian Triathlon

Eventing is a three-day test of horse and rider, where skill and precision are combined with strength and stamina to be the ultimate test of a rider's ability. During Dressage, on day one, a horse and rider's ability to perform intricate movements are tested in an enclosed arena. On day two, the team moves to the Cross-Country phase—a lengthy, outdoor course covered with jumps and varied terrain. And on day three, the horse and rider must negotiate a variety of fences in the Show Jumping phase.


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        Grand Cherokee

        Innovation bought us here.

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