Safety & Security

Experience an unmatched level of confidence with cutting-edge technology that can help prevent accidents and emergencies before they happen.

Backed by over 120 standard and available safety and security features, the All-New Grand Wagoneer uses modern technological advancements to help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Advancements in Autonomous Driving

Active Driving Assist

You now have intuitive hands-on-wheel and eyes-on-road automated driving technology at your fingertips. The available Active Driving Assist uses lane centering with Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go to help keep you on the right path.

Your First Line of Protection

Grand Wagoneer offers a breadth of standard and available safety and security features to help protect nearly every aspect of your drive. A network of intelligent sensors and cameras work in tandem to offer real-time road information to help provide confident safety and security.

ParkSense® Automated Parking System

Entering and exiting difficult parking spots is made easy with an advanced set of sensors. This system will help detect parking spots and uses gear selection, throttle and braking to help navigate your vehicle right between the lines.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Emergency Braking

Grand Wagoneer uses intelligent sensors to locate and track pedestrians and cyclists you may not see. If necessary, it can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid hazardous situations.

360° Surround View Camera

This system uses synchronized cameras to help monitor busy surroundings. As you park in different environments, it will track and visually communicate what’s around you.

Active Lane Management System

The Active Lane Management System reads the road as you travel, helping monitor your position. If your vehicle begins to drift to either side, it will deliver subtle steering wheel input to help guide you back into your lane.

Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking

Radar sensors built into the front bumper help detect if you get too close to other vehicles. This system sends an audible alert and applies the brakes if necessary.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go

Help alleviate the physical stress of driving with Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go. This system automatically adjusts your driving speed to maintain a pre-selected distance from the vehicle ahead.

Advanced Safety and Security

Night Vision Camera with Pedestrian and Animal Detection

The available Night Vision Camera with Pedestrian and Animal Detection uses thermal imaging to help detect objects, animals and pedestrians in the dark. Unexpected obstacles are then projected on the Driver Information Digital Cluster Display.

Intersection Collision Assist

Anticipating potentially hazardous situations, the available Intersection Collision Assist system can detect activity at four-way stops, alerting you to oncoming vehicles and can apply the brakes when needed.

Drowsy Driver Detection

Using an advanced algorithm that helps detect driver fatigue and microsleep, this available system monitors steering wheel behavior. When fatigue is detected, the system can warn the driver with visual and audible alerts.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Advanced vehicle-mounted cameras can monitor and alert you to various road signs ahead. Real-time image processing powers this available system, helping you see what’s in front of you.

Class-Exclusive Available Vehicle Safe with Touch Pad Activation

An available Class-Exclusive vehicle safe is tucked beneath the first-row console, offering discreet protection for your valuables without disturbing interior comfort or style.