How To Use Your Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top


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The Sunrider®[1] Soft Top can let the sun shine in without having to fold back the entire top. Watch this video and you are only 39 seconds away from open-air freedom.

The sun is shining and you want to enjoy a fresh wind-in-your-hair experience. You’ll be there in no time after learning a few flips and tricks on how to properly remove the rear window.

Learn how to quickly remove the rear quarter windows, untuck the sail panels, and fold back the top. There are also extra tips on tucking the check straps in and installing the Sunrider® straps for a nice clean and neat look.

Watch this video and get the techniques you need to look like a pro the next time you have to raise the roof.

Which part of the quarter window do you stick on first? How many inches do you start the zipper before working on the door retainer? Watch the short video and find out.

Last step, and perhaps the easiest one – if you watch the video. Rotate here and clip there and you’re done.


Sunrider is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.