Incentives for Small Business Owners

2022 First Year Depreciation Limits

Up to 100% of the total purchase price deduction per vehicle.

• Series II
• Series III

Grand Wagoneer:
• Series I
• Series II
• Obsidian
• Series III

The Details

Now is the time to purchase the additional vehicle(s) needed for your business. 100% expensing for federal income tax purposes may be available on your next Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer purchase.

Section 168(K) Temporary 100% Expensing

Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer vehicles are generally considered qualified property for purposes of section 168(k) for U.S. federal income tax purposes. This means a taxpayer may elect to treat the cost of any qualified property as an expense allowed as a deduction for the taxable year in which the property is acquired and placed in service. Consult your tax professional to determine your vehicle depreciation and tax benefits.