Top of the Line

Premium large SUVs represent the peak of sport utility vehicles. Also referred to as luxury SUVs, they’re prized for their high-end interiors, sophisticated technology and advanced safety and security features.

Interior Comfort and Capacity

For a large SUV to be considered a premium sport utility vehicle, its cabin must offer exceptional passenger comfort and ample cargo space. Grand Wagoneer features an exceptional interior outfitted with premium materials, versatile storage and seating for up to eight passengers.

Advanced Technology

Modern premium large SUVs are equipped with high-end technology that combines intuitive functionality and eye-catching design. Grand Wagoneer offers a wealth of stunning features, from deeply engaging available entertainment options and up to 75 inches of of available screen display to an available Industry-First McIntosh® Entertainment System.

Cutting-Edge Safety and Security

Highly advanced safety and security technology also elevates premium large SUVs over other sport utility vehicles. Grand Wagoneer offers over 120 standard and available safety and security features. Active Drive Assist, available Drowsy Driver Detection and an available Night Vision Camera with Pedestrian and Animal Detection are just a few ways the Grand Wagoneer helps keep you protected.

Premium and Large SUVs

Grand Wagoneer unites artful craftsmanship and engineering. Experience awe-inspiring levels of comfort, technology and safety and security.

Rugged Yet Refined

Large SUVs are rugged vehicles that balance off-road capabilities with passenger comfort. Their size and strength also make them front-runners in power and performance. Wagoneer is an ideal example of a large sport utility vehicle–an incredible combination of style, sophistication and 4x4 performance.

Seating and Capacity

Large SUVs feature generous interior space, leaving more than enough room for passengers and cargo. Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer offer seating for up to eight passengers and adjustable second and third rows so you can find the right balance between your passengers and your gear.


Large SUVs can take you off the pavement and into uncharted territory with the right kind of capability. As a pioneering off-road SUV, Wagoneer is known for its rugged 4x4 performance. Now, you can choose from three legendary 4x4 systems to power your journeys.


Large SUVs shine when it comes to performance, offering outstanding power and towing capacity. Featuring a 5.7L V8 engine with eTorque, Wagoneer delivers 392 horsepower, 404 pound-feet of torque and an available maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds.

Large SUVs

Wagoneer takes you from the open road to the unbeaten path in style, carrying on a legacy of capability and luxury that has stood the test of time.

Premium and Large SUV FAQ


luxury SUV, also referred to as a premium SUV, is a sport utility vehicle that emphasizes passenger comfort, with a spacious cabin, available technology features and luxurious materials used throughout the vehicle.

Both the Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer offer available seating for up to eight passengers.

A luxury SUV is a great fit for drivers that prize comfort, convenience and elegant surroundings.