An Interior With
Many Views

Experience a cabin crafted for comfort, one that caters to your specific needs. The All-New Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer offer arrangements of carefully selected materials and artfully

integrated technology to help set you completely at ease. The three-row passenger seating provides enough room for everyone in the family to find their own peace and quiet.

Ready for
Any Occasion

Redefining the Family Road Trip

Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer offer available innovative storage options and dynamic seating that accommodates up to eight passengers. Plus, available premium materials provide inviting comfort and durability to satisfy the entire family.

First Class Seating

Experience different degrees of rejuvenating comfort no matter how long the journey. The Grand Wagoneer front cabin offers state-of-the-art available 24-way adjustable power seats that feature massage and memory capability, while Wagoneer offers 12-way adjustable power seats.

On Another Wavelength

Soundtrack your journey with Industry-Exclusive McIntosh® Audio. This available and finely tuned sound system delivers a sonic quality that will impress the most ardent audiophile.

Everything In Its Rightful Place

Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer host a wealth of premium features that push the boundaries of interior space, comfort and convenience. Every aspect of your drive was given careful thought and attention, so you can enjoy the ride in a whole new way.

Available Quilted Palermo Leather-Trimmed Seating with 24-Way Adjustable Power
Available Rear Seat Entertainment with Amazon Fire TV for Auto
Customizable features let you tailor the interior for bespoke comfort.
Available Industry-Exclusive McIntosh® Entertainment System
The distance to the destination no longer matters.
Finely Crafted Interior Details
Start/Stop Engine Button

Most Overall Cargo Volume Behind the Third Row

Three rows of flexible seating deliver multiple configurations for nearly any journey. In full-passenger mode you get available seating up to eight plus a Best-in-Class cargo volume behind the third row.

60/40 Split

Looking for a little more space? You can easily expand the cargo area by lowering sixty percent of the third row with the touch of a button. It’s ideal for carrying golf bags, camping equipment and extra beach essentials.

Lowered Third Row

Lower the third-row bench seat to find the balance you need between storage capacity and passenger seating.

Full Cargo Area

With both rows of the rear cabin seating lowered, you can take advantage of tremendous cargo space. It offers enough space for bigger items.

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