Safety and Security

SOS Call

• Get emergency help with the push of a button
• Connect with a Customer Care Agent during medical emergencies and evacuation conditions

Automatic SOS Call

• Get fast access to emergency services
• Automatically connect with a Customer Care Agent if your vehicle detects airbags have been deployed
• Feel peace of mind

Assist Call

• Connect to a Call Center Agent with the press of a button
• Get assistance with Wagoneer Connect Registration
• Easily contact vehicle care

Vehicle Theft Alert

• Quickly receive alerts if your vehicle’s theft alarm is triggered
• Get comprehensive vehicle information to help assist authorities

Roadside Assistance

• Push Assist button if you run out of gas, get a flat or need a tow
• Your location will be tracked and help is sent as quickly as possible
• Receive an estimated tow truck arrival time

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

• Receive police assistance through your Wagoneer Connect Agent
• Embedded GPS technology assists authorities in locating vehicle

Connect with the Wagoneer app

Download your Wagoneer app here

Navigation and Safety & Security Package



Remote Vehicle Operations

• Remotely lock and unlock doors
• Start the engine and warm up or cool down the vehicle before entering
• Easily locate the vehicle by remotely sounding the horn and flashing the headlamps

Alexa Skills

• With the Wagoneer skill for Alexa command your vehicle using only your voice
• Simply ask Alexa to start/stop the engine, lock/unlock the doors, check tire pressure or ask for directions
• With available TomTom Navigation you can also ask Alexa for directions and have them sent directly to your vehicle

Drive Alerts

• Get peace of mind when your loved ones are out on the road
• Set boundary limits, monitor driving speed and pinpoint vehicle’s location
• Set speed limits to promote safer driving habits when equipped with available Navigation

Send Destination To Vehicle

• Save time by searching for your destination ahead of time
• Easily send the address directly to your vehicle’s navigation
• Enjoy the convenience of your route waiting for you in your vehicle

Alexa Built-In

• Get the convenience of Alexa features you enjoy at home and on the go
• Just ask Alexa to play music and audiobooks, place calls, get directions, set reminders and more
• Never take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road

Smartwatch Extension

• Check on your vehicle as easily and conveniently as you check the time
• Select Connected Services can be accessed via your smartwatch when paired to your smartphone and vehicle app
  • Connectivity for all Passengers

    An available 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot lets your passengers stream, browse, share and more from the open road on up to eight devices. A 3-month trial or 3 GBs of data (whichever comes first) is available on most new vehicles.

    Learn more at AT&T about our unlimited data offer starting at $20/month. After 22 GB of data per line is used within one month, you may experience slower speeds.

Safety and Security Package (10-year trial)

Get peace of mind for you, your passengers and your Wagoneer Brand vehicle with GPS-based safety and security services. Features include:

• SOS Call
• Automatic SOS Call
• Assist Call
• Vehicle Theft Alert
• Roadside Assistance
• Wagoneer Connect Customer Care
• Wagoneer Customer Care
• Stolen Vehicle Assistance
• Remotely Clear Personal Data
• Emergency Vehicle Alert System

Vehicle Performance Package (5-year trial)

Maximize the performance of your Wagoneer Brand vehicle and stay up to date with vehicle health alerts, remote software updates, trip reports and more. Features include:

• Monthly Vehicle Health Report
• Vehicle Health Alert
• Off-Road Pages
• Remote Software Updates
• In-Vehicle Messaging

Assistance and Navigation Package

Stay connected to your world in your Wagoneer Brand vehicle with smart and convenient assisting services. Features include:

• Remote Vehicle Operations
• Alexa Skills
• Drive Alerts
• Send Destination to Vehicle
• Last Mile Navigation
• Smartwatch Extension
• TomTom Navigation
• TomTom Traffic and Travel Services
• Remote Map Updates
• Advanced Search